Spanish Art Exhibition

M&M Logistics has participated in organizing of an International Art Exhibition once again.

From September 30 to November 15 the art exhibition titled “Spanish Painting from 1900” was held in Astana city, and its paintings were carefully delivered to ASTANA Contemporary Art Center “KULANSHI” and received customs clearance through M&M Logistics

“Spanish Painting from 1900” Art Exhibition

Recently, M&M Logistics participated in organizing an international art exhibition titled “Spanish Painting from 1900″. The exhibition took place in Astana, in Atana Contemporary Art Center ‘KULANSHI’”, from September 30 to November 15.

M&M Logistics provided customs clearance of artistic work with a worth of $2.5 million euro. The exposition consisted of over 80 paintings of famous Spanish artists from several top Spanish Museums. This type of project required special focus, highly qualifications and standards of professionalism, all of which was provided in full by M&M Logistics.

M&M Logistics was able to provide a full range of services, including customs clearance for the entire shipment, meeting the cargo at the airport, preparing the cargo for shipment, including:


– Customs clearance

– Handling and storage

– Assistance of an English spoken specialist

– Offloading from board

– Handling and storage

-Delivery from airport warehouse to exhibition place

– Offloading to the exhibition Hall

– Unpacking / packing / installation

– Providing of material and Art handlers

– All necessary letters to authorities for back export permission

– Deinstallation work (inc. unhanging)+ packing

– Customs clearance for re-export

– Loading at Palais, transport to the airport for a delivery at the airport

– Trucking

– Export terminal fees and handling, truck entrance to the airport warehouse

– Unloading at airport, supervision of palletization and tarmac

– Airfreight to Frankfurt


You can find more information about M&M Logisitcs services for Art Exhibitions on the web-site.


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